A small crowd gathered to hear Kim Dolzadelli present the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup Budget at the Donnybrook Hotel on the 29th September 2022.

This is the 4th year the Donnybrook Balingup Chamber of Commerce has hosted the night as a way for the wider community to hear directly from the shire about the decisions made and where the budget income and expenditure was calculated and allocated. There was the opportunity for questions and clear answers given by the shire members who attended on the night.

The shire are available for questions regarding the budget which saw a Net Rate rise of 6.43% after the shire decision to raise general rate revenue by 8% then grant a 1.57% one-off discount by transferring funds from the Shire’s COVID reserve which was set up in 2020 to mitigate against impacts and recovery costs from the pandemic.

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