2023 Chamber Survey

The Donnybrook Balingup Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DBCCI)is seeking feedback from all businesses, partners and key stakeholders to assist planning and development of the Chambers future pathways and how to serve our members and the community.
Thank you for taking the time to respond.

If you prefer to print and return your survey, download a copy here.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5

Step 1

Describe your business and the industry you are in

How many years have you been in business

Size of your business

Are you a member of DBCCI?

Please share some information about why you are NOT a member or why you have left DBCCI membership.

Step 2

Please give the top 3 reasons why you Are a member of DBCCI.

If you selected other in the previous question let us know your reason

Of the benefits we deliver, what would be your most importance reason for DBCCI membership

If you selected other in the previous question let us know your reason

What benefits would you like to receive as a member of DBCCI that we currently don’t deliver?

Step 3

From your perspective what are the things that DBCCI does well?

Please rate the performance of DBCCI for the following areas

The volunteer leadership of the Committee

Professionalism of Committee members

Events and Networking opportunities

Donnybrook Balingup Community Directory

Shop Local Campaign

Communication with Members

From your perspective what are the things that DBCCI could do better?

Step 4

From your businesses perspective what are the top three issues that are either an inhibitor to business growth or a concern to your business, which the DBCCI could advocate on your behalf?

If there was an issue or project that the DBCCI could tackle that you think could improve business conditions in the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup, what would it be?

Step 5

Are you interested in being involved at the committee level?

In terms of communication, what method would you prefer? Choose more than one if applicable

Are you interested in participating in the following

If you selected other in the previous question or workshops, let us know more information.

Is there a best time of year or specific events for DBCCI to contact you to assist in promoting your business in the community

Any further comments, suggestions or feedback you have regarding the DBCCI and our future direction would be most appreciated.

If you are available to be contacted to follow up with your answers please share an email address.