The Donnybrook Balingup Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DBCCI) finds itself in the search for a new president following the recent announcement of Rowan Lowe’s planned resignation at the annual general meeting held in October. Throughout Lowe’s impressive nine-year term as President, the Chamber has experienced significant growth and positive transformations, cultivating a flourishing business community in the Donnybrook Balingup region and providing crucial support during the Covid pandemic. His leadership has played a pivotal role in driving initiatives such as the Shop Local voucher campaign, events, and collaborations that have proven beneficial for local businesses and residents alike.

This pursuit of a new President signifies a moment of anticipation for the chamber, offering the potential for fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to guide it into the next phase. The Donnybrook Balingup Chamber of Commerce actively encourages its members to nominate and express interest, calling on those with a passion for community development and business advocacy to step forward.

While the AGM successfully welcomed four new committee members, resulting in a full and active committee, the search for a new President remains underway to lead the organization into its forthcoming chapter. Committee members extend their appreciation to Rowan for his dedicated service and express confidence in the Chamber’s ongoing success.

Rowan expressing his gratitude for the chance to serve as President, remarked, “It has been an incredible journey working with the Chamber, and I am proud of what we have achieved together. However, I believe it’s time to pass the torch and allow new leadership to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to continue our mission of supporting local businesses.”

The Donnybrook Balingup Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DBCCI) is actively seeking individuals from the business community interested in assuming the role of President. The ideal candidate should possess an understanding of the business environment in the Donnybrook and Balingup regions, coupled with a proven track record of leadership and management in non-profit organisations. Additionally, the DBCCI consistently welcomes new members to join its committee, convening monthly to discuss chamber activities and plan for future projects and events. Those interested in the position of President or in participating in the committee are encouraged to contact the DBCCI via email at or visit the office during the open hours of 9 am to 12 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

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