Mentor Workshop poster

In April 2023, the Donnybrook Balingup Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted “How to be a great mentor in business” workshop with business consultant Sana Turnock from IPS Business Advisory sharing with participants how to unlock their potential and guide them to becoming a mentor.

Attendees got to understand that establishing a trusting relationship is essential for a successful mentoring relationship, the different styles of mentorship from formal to informal and setting expectations.  Making sure they and their mentee understands the scope of the relationship, setting boundaries and the expectations of each party.

The group got to share their own knowledge and experiences and were offered advice and guidance on how and when to provide honest feedback with their mentees.

The Chamber was delighted at the opportunity to host the free workshop and looks forward to working with local businesses to provide more workshops in the future to suit their needs. Get in touch with us about a particular workshop you would like to see available.

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