Bendigo Bank – Donnybrook

Phone Number
08 9731 2446



70 South West Highway
Donnybrook, WA, 6239

Who Are We

Yes, it’s time to feel good about who you bank with.

Our Community Bank branches give up to 50% of profits back to the community. We aim to develop long-term prosperity by supporting programs that help empower local individuals and groups within the local community.

Community banking is based on a ‘profit-with-purpose’ model, which means our profits are returned directly to the community that has generated them.

Since the inception of our Community Bank in 2003 as a Company we have given back $700,000 in sponsorship dollars to the Donnybrook Capel District Shires.

Donnybrook Community Bank Pitch Night began in 2019.

We have funded our local Community Groups and non-for profit organisations from this pool with an amazing amount of $150,000 in the last 3 years alone!!!

This is our promise as your local Donnybrook Community Bank that we re-invest in our community, but please if all of our customers could give themselves a pat on the back too! It all wouldn’t be possible without you!

You may not think who you bank with matters. But it does. For our customers, their banking is making a real difference.

Every day our customers help change lives, and save lives, simply by banking with us. Their home loans are building skate and sports parks, hospital wings and classrooms. Personal loans, business banking and credit cards are funding ambulances, rescue boats, disabled and aged care facilities.

You need a bank to give you the products and services you need. We need your banking to help us make a difference.

Come in meet the Team at Donnybrook Community Bank and make your investment count!