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Local business owner and fully qualified Functional Medicine Practitioner Irene Keusch talks to us about her love of natural health and how her business is thriving in the town of Donnybrook and beyond.

How long have you been in business, and how did you get involved in this business?

Donnybrook Natural Health Clinic opened its doors in December 2018. I developed a passion for nutritional, herbal, lifestyle and mindful medicine with the birth of my youngest child when she had developed multiple allergies. It was horrendous watching my daughter suffer with belly aches, skin rashes and generally failing to thrive. I first went down the medical route with no avail, which prompted me to do my own research and with the help of a naturopath, I was able to get my daughter to eat everything again by the time she was 9months old. I was blown away on how effective the clinical nutrients and herbal medicine was and with no side effects and no return of debilitating symptoms. The whole approach of natural health had fascinated me so much so that I started the journey to learn the art of health care and educate people about the wonderful possibility that natural medicine can bring to everyone struggling unnecessarily through life. Today, I am living my dream after 6 years of studying Naturopathy, Nutritional, Herbal and Lifestyle Medicine.

What product(s) or service do you provide, and what sets you apart from others?

Donnybrook Natural Health Clinic is a one-stop wellness service for the whole family. We provide products and services to treat and improve a vast number of ailments including cardiovascular health, sleep quality, migraines, reflux, anxiety, depression, arthritis, immune, hormonal issues, thyroid, gut and children’s health. It’s also a great clinic for anyone that wants to optimise their overall health and general wellbeing to ensure graceful aging. Like a GP or specialist, I am professionally trained to look after your health, the only difference is my approach and tools. While medical practitioners mainly use pharmaceutical drugs or hormones as therapeutic tools to deal with dysfunction or disease, I use evidence-based natural medicine to get to the root of health complaints.

I currently offer 21 Wellness Packages that include a minimum of three appointments and come with step by step information guides on how to achieve your health goal. I am also a specialist in preventative medicine, supporting someone’s goal to achieve their best health for life. My wellness assessment is one of the best preventative medicine tools available and can often uncover the beginnings of disease long before it has become diagnosable.
The clinic has an extensive number of other services on offer including wellness check-ups, body composition scans and naturopathic consultations. The extensive range can be found on our website.

What is the best business advice you have received during your career?

Work smarter not harder. Outsource the things you don’t like doing so you can concentrate on the things you’re good at and love doing.

How has your business been affected by the current economy?

Since the official launch Donnybrook Natural health Clinic has been going extremely well and my confidence of investing in the business grew with each new client. I am always investing in upskilling and improving the experience for my clients to ensure it is as welcoming and comfortable as possible. The current economy has not changed this for me or the clinic at all. I understand the service I provide is essential, and people are starting to wake up and seek health outcomes more than ever. In fact, COVID has opened a whole new opportunity online and I have embraced the new possibilities this has brought about. I have made big plans for the next 12 months and can’t wait to see the business broaden its wings and be able to serve people not just from our locality, but much more broadly with clients from all around the world.

Have you had to implement any change (and if so, what have they been) to adapt to the current climate?

I have completed the Infection Control Training – COVID 19 and implemented strict hygiene procedures to protect our clients and the clinic. I love challenges and with the limitation of COVID restrictions I had to think outside the box and come up with new business ideas. One of these ideas resulted in creating an Essential Immune Pack for families to help strengthen their immune system. The Packs proved extremely popular. I put a lot of effort into them, especially in the Immune System Information Folder, which were hand delivered to people’s front doors, so they did not have to leave their house. I set-up online consultation facilities straight away, which was a challenge at first, but over time enabled me to consult with people from all around the state. I currently see more clients from outside of our shire, and as such a business name change is on the horizon.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your business?

There are lots of programs and events coming up at the clinic. A 4-week online Body Reset program is coming up, which is for people needing to spring clean their body. You will learn some real gems on how to reset your body and maintain it, plus keep all the material you learn so you have the tools to repeat the spring cleanse every year. Plus, a half-day workshop is in the pipeline, called Uninstall your Overthinking with special guest speaker Leanne Shaw from Mindsetcoach. Details to register will come out soon on our Facebook Page.

I have developed some exciting new Herbal skin care products now available at the clinic. They are high potency products that treat various skin conditions such as acne and pimples, aches, pains, sprains, fungal infections, tinea, haemorrhoids, varicose veins, nappy rash, psoriasis, wound healing, wards, molluscum contagiosum, shingles, chicken pox and more.
Plus, my extensive library of health and wellness books I collected over the years is now available for my clients to borrow at no cost.

So much more is happening, including online webinars, different payment plan options, an online shop and I am in the process of looking for a massage therapist to join my team. If you or someone you know is interested in working in an established massage studio with an existing clientele then contact me via email at
I firmly believe your health is your wealth. You only have one body to live in, so it is important to make sure you understand it, nurture it and support it.

“Life is so precious and has so much to offer. Don’t waste it away with unnecessary health limitations that hinders you to reach your full potential.” 

To find out all the services Donnybrook Natural Health can offer visit:

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